A year of crazy retailing, part 4: Frontliners ❤️

March 2020-March 2021: some snapshots of a crazy retailing year all around the world!

From France to Thailand, from hypermarkets to traditional bakeries, from convenience stores to lifestyle shopping malls…

🛒 Part 4: Frontliners ❤️

Digital high-tech innovations are definitely great in-store safety support. However it cannot compete with the Human Touch, that all customers are missing so much, after weeks of lockdowns.

The world pandemic crisis had directly put all retail frontliners into the « next normal », and asked them efforts and extra-miles everyday, in order to serve, satisfy and reassure customers.

  • Retail frontliners

Behind the masks, while the distance is maintained and the SOPs are strictly respected, we continue to serve customers, with smiles. #hopeforthebest

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